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About Us

Having Real Experts For Fish Farming

Saqua – Saudi Aquaculture Systems Factory, established in 1441 H / 2020 G in the 2nd Industrial City – Riyadh. It is the first Saudi & Arabian factory to cover a manufacture, supply and installation of control and monitoring aquaculture systems {fish and shrimp} with mass quantities, high quality and distinguished care.

In addition, Saqua providing a turnkey project and multi solutions; project management {operating & maintenance} both of aquaculture & aquaponic systems with full feasibility projects. Also, installation & execution.

Saqua have singularity in manufacturing the RAS “Recirculating Aquaculture System” which is highly effective and efficient that reducing a waste of water and saving an electrical resource. This in parallel with a mass productivity which starts from 65 kg/m³ up to 120 kg/m³ upon a client’s needs and project designs.

What we do!

Because Nothing Grows Faster Than Fish

We support cutting-edge science and research as well as federal policy making and regulation to grow sustainable aquaculture.

Commercial Aquaculture Farm

Cultivation of freshprawn farm

The classic fry farming aqualack

Giant fishes farming supplies

Water & plants filtration systems

How It Works!

Fishing Different Stages

We elaborate different technique & developed strategies frequently to get the best results for our aquaculture clients.

Design depends on the type of species to be rear
Fish farming is quite expensive investment quickly
Fish need to feed growing healthy & rapidly faster
This is done using either a net or draining away water