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Aquaculture RAS systems Manufacturer

Saqua –  The Saudi Aquaculture System Factory, is the first closed water treatment and recycling systems (RAS System), For high biomass fish production projects in freshwater, salty water, aquaponic under sunlight and LED light.
In addition to studies, design and manufacturing, we perform in SAQUA the tasks of implementing & operating projects, and after-sales services such as training and development of projects without interruption.
In addition to the services of carrying out technical and economic studies for our clients.
At SAQUA, we classify our customers as partners, we take full care of what we offer to our partners, we are utilizing only high-quality raw materials, efficient engines and devices, which qualify us to assure longer comprehensive warranty periods. In our implemented projects, we are committed to supervise, free of charge, the first cycle of production/ tilapia, to be assured of the partner’s technical team capabilities in running the project competently. We stay close and reach out to provide lifelong support, solutions and advices to our partners without time limit. We respond immediately and 24/7 to reports of malfunctions through an application that we provide free of charge to our partners.

How it works

How We Do Fish Farming

At Saqua, We completely following the strict & hygienic process for the Aqua Farming & service worldwide

Design depends on the type of species to be rear
Fish farming is quite expensive investment quickly
All fishes need to feed growing healthy & rapidly faster
This is done using either a net or draining away water